Ryuko - Kill La Kill

Oh hey heres me at Chaoz as Ryuko :D!

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Sats borrowing Ryuko’s clothes! other than that im not really sure whats happening in this picture #flying

Loving having a good sit down and smashing out something I actually like.. and on paintchat!
(full view looks way coolerrr ;)! )

Ryuko in that boys uniform!!! my babies!! (..no homo though!)

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It’s been awhile!! Have some T&S scribbles! congrats to our babies ontheir JUNOS!!!

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 Anonymous asked:
Your art is great! You have a nice, pleasant style

Thank you so much!!!!! :)

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post 2 of my ryumako dumps!

I know I have posted a lot of these before in my paintchat dumps but I thought I would do mass posts of only the ryumako now that the series is finished and ryumako was in full swing in the final :) so enjoy shippers we got what we wanted!!

RIP, our Nala baby



My girlfriend and I lost our precious pug baby early this morning after an extremely hard and heartbreaking two weeks. She had three huge surgeries in the space of two weeks, however passed away peacefully this morning as her poor little body was riddled with infection and it had finally had…

This morning we lost our little baby pug, it’s been a massive 2 weeks for her and us and we are so upset that this is the outcome but our little girl was so strong and brave all this time.

My beautiful wifey has created a donations page at the suggestion of some amazing people to help fund the expenses of her procedures. If you would like to read Nala’s full story and make a small donation to help out, please click on the link below.

Our little family won’t be the same without your squished little face Nala, we love you!

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LADY KNIGHTS meme? Challenge? Idk whatever it is it was awesome cool! by dogbomber
My first pulls were
Weapon: Bow
Build: Petite
Personality: Cranky
Culture: Japanese
Animal: Bear
So I’ve made her with a bow, arrow tail print on her middle tie, bear skulls on her armor, bear teeth on her head piece and brown messy hair + bushy brows to kind of be bear like!…and shes a little and cranky Japanese lady! (tsundere..probably) I’m going to name her Aoi Kuma.

Just a quick sketch for one of my favs Adventure Time AU’s. Playtime bubbline!
Been meaning to draw something for this for awhile now!

Here’s my paintdump from the first few weeks of Feb may be a part 2 by the end of the month if I keep drawing at this speed haha..

So much Ryuko/ ryumako your head just might melt off…
Theres some Madoka in there and if you look really hard you will see a small drawing of missy higgins x sara quin amoung all the boobs.
nsfw cos.. boobs?

Late night Bubbline doodle! started out on paintchat… took in into PS and had a play..


Yo homies! so I wanna update my Etsy tonight anything you guys wanna see in there?? Message me suggestions!

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So there isn't a continuation to your t&S story?! :( Loved it

There isn’t! Bug Deej and he might write something else for it ;)  I’m glad you loved it, thanks for reading!

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